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Madder Mortem

M For Malice

Hold the curse close to your chest,
Now let the game begin.
Whisper a silence of disease
That will never end.
Just give a changer all control
And the pallid king your hand.
Lay your head gently down on hate
That will never bend.
M for malice,
M for modesty,
M for me.
Where no heaven can be found
Only the purpose will remain.
Let it drown all pain,
Let it drown all fear.
All things broken, all things sworn,
All this the malice will replace.
Let it drown all fear,
Let it drown all pain.
Let no sorrow hold you down,
Let the weight of good recede.
It will drown all pain,
It will drown all fear.
M for malice,
M for modesty.
We repay...


This is all yours if you want it,
My sick landscape, dry and fevered.
My survival and the hunger,
Growing older in a heartbeat.
You took us by surprise,
Stepped in where no one goes,
In forcing open doors,
you sacrifice us both.
This is all yours if you want it,
This is all I ever offered you.
Hoping against all sense,
(We bite the hand that feeds us pain).
Hoping against myself,
(There is still pride inside our veins).
Underneath our sores and blisters
spines of silver that won't listen.
Your perception is not flawless,
We are dying while you watch us moan.
Hoping against all sense,
(We bite the hand that feeds us pain).
Hoping against myself,
(There is still pride inside our veins),
Biding my time.
The perfection has turned sour
in the moment of salvation,
Every minute is pure torture,
This is mercy, if you want it.
Hoping against all sense,
(All meaning rots and slithers grey).
Hoping against myself,
(We bite the hand that fed us pain).
This is all yours if you want it,
This is mercy, if I have it,
Biding my time...

Distance Will Save Us

This is where the bodies fell,
Feel the pressure on the surface,
Too long buried arrogance
Rising up to reign.
Palpable and crystal pure,
Sovereign and without master,
Perfected and far too sure,
It is on its way.
Save us,
Stay your hand,
We are born too far from morality.
This is where it all began,
Where the wounds were left to fester.
Here the feeder will unhand
Those that could not choose.
Here, at last, it all comes true,
See the pity and devotion,
In the scar that marks you, too,
It is on its way.
Save us,
Stay your hand,
We are born too far from morality.
The stones in our hands uncloud the senses,
No time for demands, time moves against us.
Dawn is breaking in the clouds and the starkness of light is blinding,
Give us a moment to savour your face and to worship and love our murder.
Save us,
Stay your hand,
All we need is one more chance at life.


I am so sorry, I've made amends,
I've kept my peace and bent my neck.
I know the pattern, I know the sound
and I have twisted it around.
The chance to speak passed me by,
Remaining frozen in dead time.
Honesty stripped of its meaning,
I would not hurt you again.
You have my heart, you have my hands,
Pinning me down when I'm leaving.
Moving without sense or sign,
Uprooted, and the pain refined.
How long can the silence hold?
Where were you when I grew old?.
Move me in my lack of faith,
Unhand me when it's all too late.
How long can your arm hold strong?
Where are you when I am wrong?.
I know you well enough...
On the treshold of speaking of truces
Then the mouthful of still, hollow fear.
There's no name to the path I am choosing,
Time is passing, but I am still here
to see it through...
Will I carry this burden forever?
My hands moving with words you won't hear,
My heart beating the pulse for the deathbed.
It's my kingdom, Here I am it all,
So I know it each time you are lying,
I can tell from the shame in your eyes.
And each time there's a piece of me dying
but you know that I never compromise.
Drowned inside you, all embraced,
Grown to love the safety it gave.
All protection ripped away,
Never leave me alone and mute again.
How long can the silence hold?...


All I ever wanted was a little discipline,
A master's touch to give me some serenity within.
Now I know there's no one there to save me from myself.
All I ever needed was a minute of safe rest,
A stronghold to give shelter from the pressure and the test,
Now I know there's no one there to save me from myself.
Standing cold in victory and longing for some sun,
Begging still for mercy when the time for truth has come.
Leave here... Turn home...
We're all dry and dead and gone and not to breathe again,
Leave here... Turn home.
Rip the life and laughter out, rebuild it in my name,
When the city rises, I will rule and I will blame,
Now I know there's no one there to save me but myself.
See me, fat and choking on the words that I remade,
See my lover bleeding, there is beauty in the strain.
Now I know there's no one there to save me from myself...

Jigsaw (The Pattern And The Puzzle)

Words vomited into a face,
Cold leavings, there's only bleak and lifeless duty.
Moan into my ear, though I know
You would break me but I will watch you choke.
I'll tear myself into pieces
and grow out stronger and colder.
I turn the tables on you,
There's no place to hide.
I tear myself into pieces,
There's nothing here to hold me.
I tell myself apart from you,
Above and beyond...
I tear myself into pieces,
Know I'm beyond all despair.
Don't turn your back on me again,
transcribing my name to nothing.
Hope a saviour with all fingers crossed,
I slip on my gloves and carve a flawless icon
into pieces...
I tear myself into pieces,
Placing me where I belong,
Outside all soft dreams and outside the throng.
The error is all in yourselves,
The ideal is pure and cruel and nauseates you.
So give me the crown and the throne,
I render you dead and tear all you completed
into pieces...


Blood to bind and love to damn me,
Formed in clay, the fire has made me faceless.
Torn to shreds, but I'm still standing,
Never sleeping and never blinded.
Sweetness taken from me in the moment I misspent,
All good ripped out from me and the silence never ends.
Blood to fade and love to wither,
No one holds and nothing lives here,
Sweetness taken from me with a gesture of contempt,
All good ripped out from me and the silence never ends.
I could scream into finality,
With the knowledge that's consuming me.
Blood to bind and love to damn me,
See me now and know that I am faceless.
Blood that is purer than the poison in your veins;
Love that runs truer than the hatred and the pain;
That's the blood that runs in me.
Blood to bind and love to damn me...

Rust Cleansing

Silence has already spoken,
They have all failed to hold their chairs.
Shame left its print on their faces,
Muted and perfectly there
And so am I...
Rust, cleansing in harm.
Echoes of laughter and beauty,
Cleverly disguised and still and cold.
In every eye silver mirrors (without compassion),
Plasterlike face ignores the call
And so will I...
Rust, cleansing in harm.
The unforgiving mask that drives the lesson home,
The fear that ties us down and leaves us all alone,
We are all alone.
Screaming beneath placid gazes,
No one is there to break the fall.
Spineless and amazed we greet the metaphor,
that leaves us as beggars at the door
And so we tie...
Rust, cleansing in harm,
The bond that ties us holds
Hate the price we pay.

Breaker Of Worlds

This is where forever opens,
This is where all flesh is grass,
This the mask and this the virgin,
This is where it falls apart.
Holy mother, triple goddess,
Dream and death through blood evoke,
Through your womb we bleed and burn and now:
Rise again!
Breaker of worlds...
So the seed is sown to reap
and so the blood is sweet anew.
So intone the word not spoken,
Now the time to break the truce.
Ah! And the world splits apart
and the essence flows free.
And whatever she gives,
I am ready to take.
For the keeper of the crossroads is the keeper of the keys;
the one who stirs your silent dreams, the one who wakes the fear.
As she stands before you at the lake to lead you to the shore,
she's the one who is the breaker, she's the one who waits no more.
Breaker of worlds...

Lesser Times

I do recall that face,
I've done my best to wash you away
But still your fingerprints on my skin
And still your scent all over me.
There's no more time to waste,
Now all these fine days are smothered and grey.
And I have never felt this low before
And never will again.
And I don't think it will work,
Leave me bleeding on your doorstep now,
Shelter the weakened souls from the ugly things in life,
Leave me bleeding alone.
This time I really tried...