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Can't remember your name

I saw your name in the news today
Rest in peace my oldest friend
They say you called out my name
At the time you passed away
You left around three or four
Face full of tears and blood
I heard they all ran away
Without knowing who you were
How am I supposed to feel
Do I need to let you go
After all these years of silence
It's hard to know how I should be
I will meet you again
I will find you from there
I saw your name in the news today
Rest in peace my oldest friend
What is wrong with the world today
You give up love or lay down dead

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How Long

How long does it take
For a taker not to take
Any more than what he needs to make it work
How long will it be
Till those seeing eyes will see
Just enough to try and be a little more
And how long were wishing
That the talkers would just listen
You can hear a further distance in the quiet
And how long did the sky
Make the dreamers wonder why
Only birds had wings to fly away
How long will you sleep
While the sweepers sweet the street
And you've never placed your feet anywhere
How long till that sound
Rings in one too many towns
And you throw your canons down on the ground
And how long we've been wishing
For the things that we're still missing
But you still can learn a lesson if you try
It's been not so long since
I took a plane across that sky


Born cutting teeth on the curb
Summoning ghosts up from the concrete
Keep me company while I learn
Shadowboxing with giants
That grew from our feet
I know that you don't understand
'Cause you don't believe what you don't see
When you watch me throwing punches at the devil
It just looks like I'm fighting with me
But there's a comfort in failure
Singing too loud in church
Screaming my fears into speakers
'Till I collapse or I burst
Whichever comes first
I know you were trying to help
But you're only making it worse
Tell me that I shouldn't blame myself
But you can't even imagine how badly it hurts
Just to think sometimes
How I think almost all the time
So break me down
Folded over your arms
Like an unloaded shotgun
Dismantled and harmless
Even you couldn't manage to pull
The fuse from the back of my head
When you tell me you love me
Tell me you loved me
I wanted so bad to believe it
So tell me you love me
Tell me you loved me
I wanted so bad
I wanted so bad to believe you


[Verse 1]
You call every hour, but there's nothing to say
So talk to me now, before it's too late
Oh they say it couldn't happen, but I saw your picture breathe
That fifty dollar doctor said your love is a disease
I'm alright, I'm okay
Still I don't know how, and I don't know why
But the talk turns to shop, and so we stand on the edge of goodbye
Is this the end of the beginning, or beginning of an end
Are you friend or the enemy, or enemy or the friend
I walk the borderline
Between day and the night, wrong and the right
The voices they scream from inside of me
On the borderline
I walk the borderline
[Verse 2]
I hear talk on the streets, I hear rumors of you
The people I meet say, that the lies are all true
And I wake up in a cold sweat, find you lying fast asleep
Is my dream a reality, reality a dream
[Chorus] [x2]

Valleys Of Neptune

I feel the ocean swaying me
Washing away all my pains.
See where I was wounded,
Remember the scar?
Now you can't see a thing
And I feel no pain.
Singing about the Valley of Sunsets
Green and blue... Canyons too
Singing about Atlantis love songs.
The Valleys of Neptune is arising.
Mercury liquid... Emerald's shining
Telling me where I came from -
Honey Sun... Pourquise Bed he
Lays in -... on the Burning
Edge Horizon.
I'm sailing on the Bluebird's mission...
Bubble and curls and tiptoes in the foam -
See the wind make love to all
The ocean... Joy spread and
The massage got home.
Singing about the Valley of Sunsets ...
Purple and gold... the Armies of the Lord
Before ancient Egypt, there were moon trips ...
The Valleys of Neptune is arising -
Look out East coast, but you're
Gonna have a neighbor,
A rebirth land ...
The praying Burning Sands.
We know there were worlds
So much older ...
And they shall rise, and
Tell us much more the truth of man.
I see visions of sleeping peaks
Erupting ...
Releasing all hell that
Will shake the Earth from end to end -
And this ain't bad news, good news,
Or any news... it's just the truth,
Better save your souls while
You can.
Singing about the New Valleys
Of the Sunrise... Rainbow clean,
The world is gonna be.
Singing about getting ready for the new tide.
The Valleys of Neptune is arising.