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Madder Mortem - Under Another Moon letra lyrics


Under Another Moon

The mist has covered my eyes
And whispers of sleep in my ear.
The past has been swept off my hands
But I still remember your name.
So lull me to sleep in your arms,
Bestow your sweet kisses upon me,
'Cause this love is all that I have
And I'll never long for more.
Not going home...
Time floats and the worlds pass me by,
The air is thick and the moon has gone blind,
Mind set adrift and my feet touch no ground,
Banned from the dreamlands, I left all behind.
All is lost, it can't be found,
So weak here, I remember you,
I can never find my way back home.
Not going home...
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Silence is Yellow

There was a diction man
I could honour restrain
He could cheer for you
We were changing the pace
Open ears
He hasn't moved an inch
But he couldn't stay
He was penniless
He didn't talk much
He didn't talk at all
If you went to count
It would be only left unsolved
In his frenzied sound
Study in a cab
Waiting on a taxi man
They could honour in his restrain
Drop me...
Drop me home...
Because I got lost...
Cause I got lost...
Drop me...
Drop me home...
Drop me...
Drop me home...
Cause I got lost...
Drop me...
Drop me home...


I sat alone in the cold
In my room that night
My face was red with the tears
Of a thousand and one lonely nights
No one came
No one called
No one cared
And no one saw
And yet everything was alright
As I sat there in my loneliness
Wrapped my arms around my knees
And I held tight
I could feel my heart beat
That's how I knew
I'm alive [x8]
I feel because I'm alive
Sometimes it's not easy to
And I don't want to feel
But if I close off and just be numb
What would I become?
Shutting down
Getting by
Even though
There's pain inside
Is how I know
I'm alive [x8]
I feel because I'm alive
And if I break
Wanna feel every single thing
I'm alive
I wanna live, not just survive
I'm alive [x10]

Todo está en tu mente

Hace tiempo que tu mirada está ausente
y tu vida se esconde tras un ricón.
Hace tiempo que vas a contracorriente
y has perdido el sentido de toda ilusión.
Y es que...
Todo está en tu mente...
Todo está en tu mente, amor.
¡todo está en tu mente!
¡todo está en tu mente!
Haz como yo...
¡Libérate! ¡Despierta ya!
Que todo está en tu mente...
El mundo sólo es del valiente,
sólo es del más fuerte
y yo... ¡Yo creo en tu valor!
Hace tiempo que tu sonrisa me miente;
sólo puedo entenderla con el corazón.
Hace tiempo que sólo vivir te da fiebre,
pero ya no me rindo al luchar por los dos.
Y es que...
No voy a entregarte a la suerte...
¡Oh no! ¡No, no!
¡Coge mi mano y no sueltes, mi amor!
Y es que...

Like a Dream - Demo

And hold me closer, and submit me
To your powers of seduction.
it's not magic, but it feels that way.
And I believe that it was love, atleast something of that sort.
I cant decide what was real, or just made believe.
Like a Dream,
I wont want to find myself alone.
Like a Dream,
I wont want to find myself alone.
And I admit, that I have been preoccupied with material things,
that I wanted but did not need.
And like your touch, your company,
Subtle things reassure me.
What's the point in possession if its empty?
Like a Dream,
I wont want to find myself alone.
Like a Dream,
I wont want to find myself alone.
Sweet Dreams,
giving me false hope,
I was alone when I woke.
You always said that you dont,
look back when you leave.
Still you've been giving me low sweet dreams.