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I am so sorry, I've made amends,
I've kept my peace and bent my neck.
I know the pattern, I know the sound
and I have twisted it around.
The chance to speak passed me by,
Remaining frozen in dead time.
Honesty stripped of its meaning,
I would not hurt you again.
You have my heart, you have my hands,
Pinning me down when I'm leaving.
Moving without sense or sign,
Uprooted, and the pain refined.
How long can the silence hold?
Where were you when I grew old?.
Move me in my lack of faith,
Unhand me when it's all too late.
How long can your arm hold strong?
Where are you when I am wrong?.
I know you well enough...
On the treshold of speaking of truces
Then the mouthful of still, hollow fear.
There's no name to the path I am choosing,
Time is passing, but I am still here
to see it through...
Will I carry this burden forever?
My hands moving with words you won't hear,
My heart beating the pulse for the deathbed.
It's my kingdom, Here I am it all,
So I know it each time you are lying,
I can tell from the shame in your eyes.
And each time there's a piece of me dying
but you know that I never compromise.
Drowned inside you, all embraced,
Grown to love the safety it gave.
All protection ripped away,
Never leave me alone and mute again.
How long can the silence hold?...

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